Kingdom of Aluren was a major human and dwarven kingdom in Thessea, occupying the territory of modern Transborea, Oris and northern fringes of the Great Steppe. Founded by St. Rex Verstandt in ~163 PP as a result of his life-long effort to unify scattered settlements of human and dwarven Planetfall survivors in harsh, frigid climate of Thessean north. At its pinnacle Aluren was home to almost 20 million people and was a important centre of sciences and culture and a dominant military power in Thessea. However, following the catastrophic event known as the Grim Reminder and subsequent exodus of dwarves to Kharad, its power began to wane. This resulted in almost 150 years of stagnation and crushing military defeat by thane Everard Boreale and armies of fledgling kingdom of Borealis and Aluren ceasing to exist.