Battle of Ambersee was the final battle between the forces of the Feuerbrand Uprising and the loyalist Borean navy on 16-19 October 765 BR (273 AES, ~1800 SP). It was the largest naval battle and the final separate battle (excluding the ongoing siege of Volgen) of the war and ended in the rebel's victory, albeit at a heavy cost.

Location: Ambersee Bay, near Kharad archipelago, Grand Duchy of Volgen

Outcome: Decisive rebel victory

Belligerents The Firestarters

The Free Cities of Far Reach

Kingdom of Borealis
Commanders and leaders Siegfried van Stromm

Yusef Brago

Severyn van Davain
Strength 35 ships (including 10 galleons, 8 frigates, cogs and refurbished commercial vessels) 41 ships (including 15 war ships)
Casualties and losses 4 galleons (3 destroyed)

7 frigates (2 destroyed)

11 other ships (all destroyed)