House Rennenkampf is an old noble house of Borealis. While it history predates the Kingdom itself, it has remained on the political roadside for most of it, ruling the Rennwald barony in Brandweiden. However, they were later brought into a sudden and unpleasant spotlight by Siegfrid Rennenkampf, whose despicable schemes led to the Rennenkampfs' exile from Thessea to Kraj. Only recently Rennenkampfs have managed to re-establish a foothold in their old country, rising to power in the Free City of High Castle. 

 Notable members 

Siegfrid Rennenkampf (also known as Rennenkampf the Pretender and the Necromancer) was the person to forever taint the family reputation and steer its surviving members to the path of villainy and brutality. Younger son of the family, his notable aptitude for the arcane arts was discovered early by the Eldritch Circle. Siegfried was the pride of his family, barony and margraviate - as he was the only Eldritch Circle wizard to originate from it.