Kingdom of Borealis ("The Kingdom") is a large kingdom occupying most of Thessea and is one of the Realm's major economic, political and military powers. Spanning almost the entire continent, with population of more than 90 millions, it is the biggest and most populous country of Horizon. The Kingdom recently survived a bloody and bitter rebellion, known as the Feuerbrand Uprising , that deposed the long-standing Abendstern dynasty and heralded a beginning of the Age of Crimson Sail.

As the majority of my games focus on or at least begin in Borealis, it is the most developed country in the setting content-wise. As a default position, all PCs should hail from the Kingdom or the surrounding lands.


Borealis was founded as a result of continent-wide conquests of Volgen thane Everard Boreale. He united (read - crushed) the thanedoms of his home region, struck a deal with Frugian families (by threatening to burn the isles and salt their land), conquered the relatively desolate lands of Weideland; even the proud River Thanes of Placia were so awed by his military prowess, relentlessness and ruthlessness that they offered him their assistance themselves.

The conquests of Boreale went on to the North, where he slaughtered the demoralised and poorly-equipped armies of Aluren in the Battle of Anvil Fields, followed by a sacking and razing of its capital city Val Andras. At this point wisdom betrayed Boreale, for in his pride he challenged the warring elves of Gwynnvald and Eldar Shores, aiming to bend them to his will. He did not foresee that two elven kin, their hatred of each other unfathomable in its persistence and passion, would set their irreconcilable differences aside and face the Boreale's armies as a united front. They employed the darkest magic, long hidden within the deepest vaults of Quenn Ulthar and wood elven burrows, unleashing pestilence and black hail onto the humans, who were both exhausted from the long northern campaign and completely unprepared to face vile witchcraft.

The Battle of Lysica was a crushing, humiliating defeat for Boreale and saw him fall at the hands of a high elven hierarch - the thane's head stuck on a pike and mockingly delivered to his son, Thormond. Admitting defeat against the elves, Thormond retreated and wrapped up the campaign in the north, using the remnants of Volgen forces to establish control over major Transborean cities.

Thormond proclaimed himself King Boreale II (posthumously giving the founding honour to his father) and created the Borean kingdom, granting major titles and domains over major regions of Thessea to those who supported the conquest.

Outliner and demographics

The Kingdom proper spans from the southernmost edge of Port Erfolg in the South to the central summit of Moradin's Crown mountain chain in the North - approximately 2700 miles. Most of the territory south of the mountains is part of the Kingdom, excluding the great impenetrable forest of Gwynnvald and Eldar Shores in Transborea as well as a wast swathe of scorched land known as the Great Steppe - domain of the primal steppenvolk and things way older than civilisations of the Realm.

The Far Reach of Thessea north of the Moradin's Crown's summit is a de jure province of the Kingdom; however, Free Cities of the Reach hold full administrative dominion over their internal affairs and trade under the 500 years-old Castle Accord. Additionally, the dwarven state on the Kharad archipelago exists as the Kingdom's protectorate. 

Core Borean provinces (excluding Far Reach and Steel Protectorate) span ~ 1,755,568 miles square, of which 46% is undeveloped land and wilderness (excluding, of course, the territories de facto outside of the Kingdom's control). These provinces' total population is approximately 81.5 million people, distributed among provinces as follows:

Province Area (sqm) Population Density (p/sqm)
Volgen 363,096 ~23,400,000 70
Frugia 181,700 ~16,170,000 100
Placia 302,580 ~13,893,000 53
Oris 242,064 ~8,890,000 45
Quies 121,032 ~7,112,000 70
Transborea 600,516 ~12,000,000 25

Climate and geography

Climate of the Kingdom varies from province to province. Volgen and Frugia are warm, temperate, Mediterranean-like environs with vast amounts of black fertile earth and friendly topography.

Placia features mostly mild, continental climate. However, it also has great amounts of plains and steppes to the North, flowing into the Great Steppe, and is pierced throughout by rivers and streams - with Thesseans naming it the Lake Country. It is also home to a great number of bogs and the only Thessean inland sea.

Administration and politics

Central administration

Borealis is an absolute monarchy, ruled from its capital city of Volgen. Its current monarch is Alicia I Feuerbrand of the Feuerbrand dynasty, who assumed the throne in year 765 of Borean Foundation (first year of the Age of Crimson Sail), following the accidental death of her father Constantine I Feuerbrand just three days after his coronation. Borean monarch enjoys almost absolute power over the Kingdom's subject, limited only by his or her own reason and political considerations.  

Central administration of Borealis includes the Royal Annex, located in the eponymous building adjacent to the royal palace in Volgen - complex bureaucratic organisation that executes the monarch's decrees on "federal" level and oversees Kingdom-wide taxation. It is led by a monarch-appointed chancellor for terms of 10 years with no term limit. Feuerbrand reforms saw power of the Royal Annex increase substantially, as queen Alicia attempts to slowly limit the power of the Crown. Its current chancellor is lord Gavin Rhass. An office of the War Counsel exists within the Annex and i 

Another important state organ is the Hooded Counsel - one of the more controversial Feuerbrand innovations. At any one time 50 people act as the Queen's counsel, delivering advise and - something seldom heard before the Feuerbrand Uprising - criticism to the monarch. Identities of the counselors are unknown to anyone but a few members of a select committee of esteemed clerics, Eldritch Circle's wizards and Royal Annex officials who appoint them - most importantly, they are unknown to the Queen herself. The Queen, of course, is not obliged to follow the advise given by her counsel and only does so when she herself considers it necessary.   

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