Navka, also known as the Sun Child, is a minor deity of Sun and Moon and a patron deity of birds and all things avian.

Holy symbol: three golden sunflowers

Worshippers: Navka is respected among many societies and occupations, especially those which rely on good weather, like farmers. 

Portrayal: a raven-haired young woman, wearing a coarse white dress, sunflowers braided in her flowing hair.

Church: almost every sizeable temple of Leandra has a shrine dedicated to Navka, because of her significance in the Realm's burial rituals and afterlife beliefs. She is also very commonly has small shrines across the countryside, where people can ask for favour by burning some wheat or birds' feathers. 

Associated domains (5e): Light, Nature, Life


Navka is the daughter of Galador and Leandra and the only godly child to be born in this world. She considers it her sacred duty to assist her mother in the grim mission of lording over the Evening Lake and the departed who inhabit it. Thus upon Leandra's departure from the Realm, she took it upon herself to guide the virtous souls of the dead North, to the Evening Lake's gates.

Needless to say, such task is arduous and demanding, and takes away from Navka's main mission - guiding and keeping the flames of the Sun well lit at all times, and polishing the Moon when the Sun rests. Thus it is told that once a year she departs her bountiful domain and visits her mother's solemn Lake - and that is a time when cold comes upon the Realm and is known as winter. 

Navka clams domain over the flames of the world - both raging and gentle. It is told that she became its mistress during a grand feast, which Galador held to celebrate her coming of age. Many guests came to toast in new goddesses' favour, men and beast, fey and god. All those who were invited brought ample gifts and presents for her, except one. For the fickle goddess Heide simply forgot about the feast, until a wayward fairy reminded her of it. 

Embarrassed at her failure to bring a gift for Navka, with whom she was good friends, Heide summoned the flames of the world (making quite a mess of the feast and almost burning some guests to the crisp) and ordered them to serve Navka from that point on. However, the kind Sun goddess laughed and refused to accept it, as she took no offence at Heide's absent-mindedness and knew well the value of her whimsy and favour.  

The flames themselves rejoiced that they needed not to part with their beloved mistress and, as a token of gratitude, agreed to come to Navka's aid whenever she needed them, as long as her and Heide's friendship persisted - and until the walls of the Lake crumble, there is no chance of it ending.