Savage. Unrelenting. Brutal. Cunning.

Surprisingly, whatever force devised the grand plan which set the spelljammers in a grand journey across the stars and planes, had enough space to accommodate even the savage and unrelenting orc kind, together with their bestial kin. Their main ship was called "Gorgon" and made Planetfall somewhere in the North Faraam.  A sizable portion of these creatures however had a deck of "Thessea" all to themselves and have made themselves feel at home right after the landing.

The first century of Thessean history is painted red by the War of Orcs - a massive conflict of orcs with humans, goblins, dwarves, themselves and everyone who dared making a living under their noses. After several crushing defeats, establishment of Borealis and Ferdinand dynasty, the orcs and their cross-breed spawn were pushed into the steppes...where they've become very acquainted with steppenvolk and their ways, which often involved living sacrifice, watering medicinal herbs with blood and burning prisoners alive to ask Deirdre for easy prey and herbs a plenty. Surviving orcs either integrated into the mystic, tribal culture of the Steppe or migrated away from the continent, ironically becoming the first sea-faring entity of the Realm. Nowadays orcs pose a significant threat as naval raiders and pirates, using numerous islands and archipelagos around Thessea and Faraam as bases. Rumours have it they have even settled an unknown, huge landmass in the north, building their own barbaric civilisation and constantly fighting with human settlers, who have at different times left the known lands to seek greater fortune. Some orc tribes still live in the Great Steppe, though they are surprisingly civil and spiritual compared to the majority of southern steppenvolk. They even have a thriving monastic tradition.