Quela and Lind are the two moons of Horizon, who have been accompanying the Realm's journey through the void for times untold.

Quela is the larger moon of the two, of darkened white colour with black streaks all over; while Lind is about 2/3 of Quela's size, bright white with a misty core of red.

Located on asynchronous orbits, Quela and Lind will not collide and and make sure that the Realm's nights stay slightly shorter than on Earth while often being brighter. At the same time, the two moons make the tidal schedule and magnitude of the Realm extremely erratic, although predictable with enough knowledge and observation. Galadorite priests are particularly adept at forecasting the tides, making them almost a necessity on most ships, whose crews worship the Taglur.

An event of particular interest is the rare mutual eclipse that occurs approximately once a decade. While its hard to notice any difference when Quela eclipses Lind, when the opposite occurs, the event has a great significance in arcane arts and mysticism, the special red-tinted moonlight that it produces called the Lindlight.

Notes and trivia

  • The Quelari - elves of Gwynwald, forever locked in a war with Ulthari - owe their name to the great Quela. When taking his cruel oath, Ulthari prince Sinitar proclaimed that "there shall be no place under this sun for the foul traitor and those kin who shelter him". When the news of it reached the council of the defiant elves, prince Findmir Leaf-singer calmly noted that, then the kin of Valemar will live under the Quel-light ("quelar").