Whatever will was behind the awesome plan, that saw milliards of peoples carried across the infinite void aboard the gargantuan spelljammers and eventually claim Horizon as their new home, it discriminated little as to what race - good or foul - got to make the journey. As a result, the peoples of the Realm are many and diverse, ensuring that none of its regions stay too peaceful and tranquil for too long.

Major Races

Humans - the dominant race of Borealis, Albion and many other powerful kingdoms, humans form the lifeblood of the Realm's politics, economics, culture and warfare. Their ethnicities of humans are also abundant:

- Boreans (Volgen, Placia),

- Westerlings (Frugia, Weideland),

- Free Men (Transborea, Far Reach),

- Steppenvolk (The Great Steppe),

- Aktis (Nair),

- Faraamese (Central and North Faraam),

- Maladar tribes (Maladar Beastlands),

- Albionese (Albion and its holdings);

Dwarfs - once the major human allies and co-founders of Aluren, the dwarfs of Thessea were torn asunder by the civilisation-shattering Grim Reminder. Since then they exist as two races:

- Kharad dwarfs, the enigmatic and isolationist inhabitants of the Kharad archipelago and innumerable depths of the world, they devote themselves fanatically to the snail-god Deleritas and spend their life uncovering the mysteries of the Realm that other races dare even not to imagine,

- Exile dwarfs, who refused to destroy their old ways and traditions after the grim revelation and persevered on Thessean mainland, split among many dozens of clans;