Shortly after the spelljammers came crashing down and the first scattered groups of the new arrivals started sending out scouting groups into the cold wilderness of Transborea and arid savannahs of Faraam, one question was firmly on the mind of the nascent civilisations' rulers. Could it really have been, that this grand, perfectly habitable (if, at first, a little bit cold) world be completely devoid of intelligent life? While the answer soon came with the discovery of the fey, they were not quite what the settlers had in mind, as for all their subtle power and desire to cause mischief, the fey had little interest in building and expanding a state. For a while, the new settlers in Thessea, Faraam and beyond thought themselves masters of this new world.

It was only after another two hundred years that they knew how wrong they were. 

Few people know today, that there used to be a splendid Eldari port on the mouth of Eyr Innter's biggest river.