The Grand Duchy of Volgen is the core region of the Kingdom of Borealis and the seat of its royal courts and government. It borders Placia to the North and North-East, separated by the Copper-leaf mountains and Voegelwald forest, and Frugia in the North-West. It is not to be confused with the Kingdom's and the Duchy's eponymous capital city.

Volgen is the economic heart of the Kingdom and home of its biggest war industries - shipwrights and armories. Together with wast amounts of arable land, it forms a potent industrial base to maintain (relative) dominance over the rest of Thessea for many centuries.

Ruler: usually, the Grand Duke of Volgen is a formal title held by the ruling monarch's spouse. As queen Alicia I is not married yet, she holds it herself and directly governs its affairs together with her Kingdom-wide duties, although lately she has been delegating a lot of its technical aspects to the head of her Hooded Council - Lady Flavia li Sforza (daughter of Vittorio Sforza, the Grand Duke of Frugia and wartime ally of Constantine Feuerbrand), as well as to her Chancellor of the Royal Annex - Lord Gavain Rhass.

Demographics: having the second highest quality (after Frugia) and the biggest quantity of arable land in Thessea, as well as highly developed agriculture and road networks, Volgen is the most populous province of Borealis, its population estimated at 20-23 million people. It also has the biggest urban population, with almost 3bsolute majority of it are Borean humans, although Westerlings from Frugia and Weideland are also numerous. As it is the capital of the Kingdom, of course it holds embassies from all over the Realm and thus has a proportion of truly alien population - elves, Faraamese, halflings, orcs and Kharad dwarves, although even combined it is tiny.

Languages: Borean speech is the dominant language of the region and is spoken in the royal courts and government.


Biomes: temperate grasslands, temperate forests (mixed, flat-leaf)

Volgen rose to prominence during the Age of Thanes, as more and more people were migrating southward as the kingdom of Aluren stagnated. With one of the biggest agricultural bases on Thessea, rich metal deposits of the Copper-leaf mountains and spirits hardened by constant conflicts between warring thanes, it quickly amassed enough wealth and military power to allow the thane of Volgen - Everard Boreale - to subju

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